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Valcan Aluminium Cladding Supplier

Aluminium Cladding. With well over 20 years of experience in the façade industry through Fairview’s global network, we have established a leading position in the market and are now the preferred company by Architects and Builders including Fabricators.

Vitrabond is recognised by Architects, Builders and also by Installers as a very superior composite panel cladding solution. With our huge stock levels of Vitrabond, Vitrabond unlimited colour range, and our continual product development for Vitrabond, we are readily available to meet your requirements. Vitrabond as a company whose prerequisite is your satisfaction, for Vitrabond we offer our cut-to-size and special colour services to make installation of your Vitrabond metal cladding systems quick and also very easy for all parties involved in the project, contact us for more details about Vitrabond.

Benefits of Vitrabond Facade Systems:

• Vitrabond is Limited Combustible – Vitrabond Achieves A2-s1, d0 Rating to BS EN 13501-1
• Cost effective
• Low maintenance
• Vitrabond is Available as a complete rainscreen façade cladding system with carrier
• Robust durability & Lightweight
• Unlimited colour range available
• Vitrabond is Easily to machinable to create different architectural styles
• High stock levels and quick lead times for Vitrabond orders
• 20 Year warranty available!

Valcan cladding
Valcan cladding supplier
Valcan supplier

VitraDual is a prefinished rainscreen panel, VitraDual is designed to provide a non-combustible aluminium panel solution, VitraDual can be fitted as both cassette panels and flat sheets with no oil-canning appearance, VitraDual offering a cost effective and aesthetically pleasing facade cladding solution.

Benefits of VitraDual A1 Rated Cladding:

• VitraDual is a non-combustible – A1 rated to BS EN 13501-1
• VitraDual is a lightweight – VitraDual is incredibly rigid and also a very lightweight and VitraDual is also easy to install.
• VitraDual is very versatile – VitraDual can always be custom designed into any wide range of shapes and dimensions, as well as VitraDual is able to be perforated or curved in some applications making VitraDual a versatile design choice.
• VitraDual Maintenance – VitraDual is very easy to maintain compared to polyester-based coatings.
• BBA Accredited
• VitraDual are High Durability – VitraDual panels are highly durable and also VitraDual is impact resistant. VitraDual can be used effectively in high-traffic areas.
• VitraDual Paint System – VitraDual only use the highly recognised PVDF KYNAR 500 or FEVE VitraDual paints known for their high durability, VitraDual paint providing the optimum resistance to weather and industrial pollutants.
• VitraDual Warranty – VitraDual also has up to a 30-year warranty.
• Extremely Flat – Low Surface Stress.

Ceramapanel are 8mm, 10mm or 12mm compressed fibre cement cladding panels in through coloured or a painted finish. Ceramapanel is cost-effective to produce and easy to install, Ceramapanel cement facades are particularly suited to modern commercial including residential and also industrial buildings, Ceramapanel is always suitable where a natural façade is needed. Ceramapanel are able to conceal common structural materials and provide sound dampening benefits.

Benefits of Ceramapanel cladding panels

• Non-combustible – achieves A1 rating
• CWCT tested
• Ceramapanel is available as a complete cement cladding system with carrier
• Cost-effective
• Ceramapanel is a short lead times and fast installation timeframes
• Panels supplied pre-squared
• Long-lasting, low maintenance panels
• Ceramapanel can always be finished off-site for easy and efficient installation
• High-strength and environmental durability
• Ceramapanel is a through coloured with a wide colour range & finishing option
• Sound dampening benefits
• Ceramapanel is graffiti resistant when coated with acrylic treatment (Natural+ range)

Difference between Ceramapanel A1 and A2

Ceramapanel is available in the following thickness and a standard 8mm, 10mm or 12mm, Ceramapanel is also available as A1 rated to BS EN 13501-1 Ceramapanel A1 is a non-combustible and Ceramapanel A1 is the best choice for high rise projects worldwide, if your project can accept Ceramapanel A2-s1, d0 rated which is limited combustibility, then there is a very cost-saving to be had by specifying Ceramapanel A2 for your project.