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kingspan QuadCore - QuadCore Coldstore LEC Panel

QuadCore Coldstore LEC Panel is part of our Lower Embodied Carbon solutions. QuadCore Coldstore LEC has an LCA (LifeCycle Assessment) that shows a 22.35% reduction in embodied carbon (measured by the Global Warming Potential ‘GWP’ kgCO2e) between life cycle modules A1 – A3, and a 17% reduction in embodied carbon between life cycle modules A – C. The reduction percentage is created by comparing standard QuadCore with QuadCore LEC to the EN15804-A2 standard..

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kingspan QuadCore - QuadCore Coldstore LEC Panel

QuadCore™ Coldstore LEC Panels feature a unique castellated and symmetrical tongue and groove joint which achieves excellent thermal and structural performance. A full foam-to-foam contact within the panel joint must be achieved during installation.

QuadCore™ Coldstore LEC Panels can be laid vertically or horizontally and are suitable for internal and external applications