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Equitone Cladding Supplier

EQUITONE cladding panel is a very beautiful through-coloured facade material which is designed by and for architects.

EQUITONE facade materials come in a maximum panel size of 1.25 x 3m (4´x 10´) and this can be transformed into any size or shape depends on your own imagination using a very standard tools in the workshop or on site. EQUITONE material can be perforated using waterjet or CNC machines, large or very small cuts can be made out of EQUITONE panel, EQUITONE panel can even be embossed and printed. Some designers have used EQUITONE panel for interiors or furniture. The through-coloured EQUITONE material allows you to achieve a very flawless intricate detail.

EQUITONE high performance fibre cement panels can be made to any module and offer the architect and designer a very wide range of design freedom. When designing, the following information is aimed at providing the specifier with guidance on the most economic EQUITONE material usage from standard panel size. EQUITONE sizes greater than half of the panel the maximum manufacturing lengths become progressively less economical in ratio to the distance downwards from full length to half-length as indicated on the charts.

EQUITONE panels are very flat. However, it is possible to ease them around and make a curved facade. Note that the orientation of the EQUITONE panel is also critical. A horizontal EQUITONE panel bends easier than one placed vertically. The minimum radius that an 8mm EQUITONE facades cladding panel can be a UNI-Rivet or UNI-Screw fixed to any curving facade is 12.0m.

EQUITONE panel can be used as a Brise Soleil including shutter or architectural feature of a building. EQUITONE to be installed both horizontally and vertically. The Brise Soliel or shutter gives the feature of a continuous cladding and can also be perforated if required to give you a very unique visual aspect to the façade.

Equitone products
Equitone cladding supplier

EQUITONE natura fibre cement material which comes with a lot of very different advantages, such as Fire Classification A2-s1,d0 including Sound insulating and Resistant to any extreme temperatures and frost, and also Water resistant (if in compliance with application guideline)

EQUITONE natura fibre cement material is also resistant to so many different living organisms such as (fungi, bacteria, insects, vermin, etc.) EQUITONE natura fibre cement is also resistant to many chemicals and also environmentally friendly and no harmful gas emissions

EQUITONE tectiva is characterised by the very fine beautiful sanded lines and naturally occurring hues within the material, these enhance the very natural beautiful matt appearance which comes to a life with the effects of any light and shade.

EQUITONE pictura fibre cement material is a very sound insulating including resistant to any extreme temperatures and frost and water resistant (if in compliance with application guideline) EQUITONE pictura is also resistant to many living organisms (fungi, bacteria, insects, vermin, etc.) Resistant to many chemicals, environmentally friendly, no harmful gas emissions

EQUITONE textura is a beautiful through-coloured facade material, with a very special coating protecting to create a very permanently vivid colour. It's very smooth surface finish ensures a long-lasting effect.

EQUITONE lunara which is inspired by the raw beauty of the Moon, the new EQUITONE lunara façade panel has a very fascinating surface of a very irregular elevations and depressions.

Thanks to the special production process of EQUITONE fiber cement, no two boards are alike – every EQUITONE façade is unique.

EQUITONE linea is a very unique 3D shaped, through-coloured facade material that always plays with light and shadow. EQUITONE linea is very Touch: Structured, relief, depth. EQUITONE linea Visual and Different such as playful and lot of possibilities including changes depending on the point of view.